New Experience

I experienced something I’ve never experienced before in photography this past weekend. Being in the zone. Looking back, I was completely in the viewfinder. My eye was the camera and the camera was my eye.

Skaters were darting up from the bowl, attempting to clear a pallet they had set up near the edge, and–suddenly seeing this–I dropped to the pavers and started shooting.

There were several of them and they just kept coming. Eventually I took off my small pack and moved around a bit more. The camera was in Program mode and so all I was doing was back-button focusing at the pallet and snapping away. Metering was at center-weighted and, though I shot continuously, the buffering was painfully slow between my old Canon T1i and the Eye-Fi card (JPGs were being zapped over to my phone).

Looking back I should’ve probably paid closer attention to my shutter speed and perhaps shot at either fully manual or shutter priority (perhaps around 1/800 or 1/1000). But sometime during all this, I knew I was getting good shots even though I cannot recall chimping down at my screen. I was completely sold on the scene. It was amazing to watch and taking photos of these guys and girls was automatic. It was the first time I had been completely captivated by and immersed in the moment without fumbling about with my camera and its settings…

And then I ran out of card space.


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